Nyah's Star Trek Voyager Fanfiction


***NEW*** Best Part Of Waking Up

Summary: Cinnamon buns, sugar icing, and coffee. A PWP writing exercise.

Rating: NC17

Setting: Reader's Choice :)

Therapeutic Touch

Summary: Kathryn receives an anonymous token of appreciation.

Rating: NC17

Setting: Post Endgame

Stolen Moments & Counterfeit Memories

Summary: A head injury leads to misconceptions about the nature of the Command Team’s relationship

Rating NC17

Setting: Several threads to the left, the Admiral never came back and Endgame never happened. Brief C/7, loads of J/C :)

Time and Circumstance

Summary: A promise made, forgotten and reclaimed 

Rating: R

Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance. Post Endgame.

A Tear For Every Grain Of Sand

Summary: Endgame happened. C/7 happened. Then what happened? The story picks up four years later.

Rating: Mostly PG-13/ Chapter five is NC17 for language and consensual sex.

A Desire For Vengeance

A/N: This story is companion piece to: A Tear for Every Grain of Sand. It’s helpful to read that story first, otherwise what is eluded to in this story will not make much sense. Part one of this story begins after the funeral scene of that story.

Rating: NC17 for language, sex and violence

Genre: Action, Hurt/Comfort, Intrigue, Romance,

Summary: At what point does grief morph into bitterness and then bitterness into vindictiveness? And at what point does a desire for justice mutate into a desire for revenge? 

To Everything There Is a Season

This is the final story in my recent three part series. An Epilogue to A Tear for Every Grand of Sand and A Desire for Vengeance. The story picks up eight years later.

Summary: For everything there is a season…

Rekindling The Flame (NC17)

Warning: Gratuitous Smut

Summary: A PWP story addition for To Everything There is a Season. What exactly made Chakotay grin like the cat that got the cream?

Behind Closed Doors (NC17)

Summary: One woman’s thoughts at Voyager’s Welcome Home Ball.

Dying Embers (NC17) 

A/U. Endgame never happened. C/7 never happened.

Summary:  B’Elanna hoped like hell, Chakotay knew what he was doing. Because if he didn’t, then he’d just likely murdered the only woman he had ever truly loved.

After Office Hours (NC17)

Post – Endgame. Kathryn pays Chakotay a visit.

Orchestrated Chaos (NC17)

Summary: Despite the power of the human spirit and the force that lies in one's own free will. Sometimes fate delivers us exactly where we need to be. 

Silver Bells (R)

AN: This story resulted from the 2010 VAMB Secret Santa Exchange. The request was: Janeway/Chakotay. Any rating, angst is great! I'm hardcore in character. Fingers crossed! :) 

Summary: 9 months Post Endgame -KJ & C are commissioned to take a diplomatic cruise. During which they rediscover the love they have for each other. There's just one problem, they're both practically engaged to someone else.

The Redhead, The Renegade, & Evidence of Deception

An epic Über fic set in the wild west of the 1870's. History has a way of repeating itself.

various ratings- ranges from PG13 -NC17

A Little One on One (NC17)

 A J/C PWP AU Episode addition to Workforce.

A Dream Deferred

Post Endgame - What if B'Elanna & Harry weren't the only crewmembers the Caretaker experimented with? What if the experiment had lifelong consequences? The Doctor finally comes clean with Voyager's Captain regarding a deception seven years in the making.  

PG-13/ chapters 13 & 15 NC17

In a Sentimental Mood (R) 

A companion piece to Bahamian Nights


 Post Endgame – Kathryn's caution causes Chakotay's frustration. revised 3/8/2009

Bahamian Nights (NC17)

Endgame fixer upper. Janeway attempts to rediscover the woman behind the Capitan and gets some unexpected company along the way.